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Downham Downham Downham duck Downham Downham
drawing of DownhamDownham is situated in the Ribble valley on the north side of Pendle hill. The village is owned by Lord and Lady Clitheroe. There are no aerials, satellite dishes or overhead wires in the village giving it a very picturesque look. It is also a very popular location for filming, the recent Born and Bred series for the BBC was filmed in Downham.
The film Whistle Down The Wind was also filmed entire on location in Downham.
The village is also very popular with local artists including myself.

On the left
A picture of Downham drawn by me.

Down is still an estate village owned by the Assheton family who have lived in Downham Hall since 1558. Although now fully modernised the external appearance of the village has changed little and any visitor from the 18th century would recognise the present village.
The little beck running through Downham is populated by a large flock of well fed Mallard ducks which are one of the main visitor attractions. Downham also has associations with Old Mother Demdike and other infamous Lancashire witches.


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