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Who can honestly say that they don't find fossils fascinating or even interesting in  some way, not very many I'll wager. Not surprisingly most of the larger fossils I have are of fish, a combination of interests really. Even the fossil tooth in the centre is the tooth of a shark although not one I'd like to meet while swimming because that tooth is BIG.

On the left is my largest and oldest fossil at approx 400,000,000 years old, this was already a fossil before the Dinosaurs ancestors had evolved.

The creature was called a Orthoceras and it was extremely common during the Palaeozoic era. It was the early ancestor of the modern day Nautilus. Despite the great age of the fossil these creatures were so widespread that it is one of the most commonly found of all fossils.

I managed to buy this one quite cheaply for �12.00 after a little bartering from a second hand shop which I just happened to passing when I noticed it in the window. This turned out to be another of my lucky finds because there was also a range of Geodes and smaller fossils in the same shop at the time.

                  Above is an Orthoceras fossil.                                                                       Above is a few of my smaller fossils


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