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Sold my bike

My Bike 

Perhaps not such a big deal for most people but this is only the second time in my adult life that I don't own a motorcycle. The first time was when I lost my leg and I went almost two years without a bike before re-taking my bike test and buying  a combination (motorcycle and sidecar). The combination wasn't my idea but it was forced on me by the insurers and it took several years to get things changed back again so that I could ride a solo machine.

So why sell it now? Well it was a case of 1, not being able to ride it at the moment or in the foreseeable future and having to watch it deteriorate and 2, Get it through another MOT which meant spending more money on it, which under the circumstances seemed a little silly.

The bike hadn't been ridden since Aug 2009 ten months since because of my leg problems which made it unsafe to ride, this problem still has to be overcome in some way, possibly by me getting a quad instead of a bike but that is for the future. I still miss having a bike, it is surprising just how much we take for granted and only realise when it is to late.



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