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So there I am bombing driving carefully down this country lane minding my own business when all of a sudden there is another vehicle coming towards me, and not just any vehicle but a Volvo with a Caravan attached, is there any worse sight to a biker?

With one eye on self preservation I jumped on the anchors expecting to come to a gentle halt. But the weather had been unusually hot all day and things didn't go quite as I'd expected them to. The bike carried on unimpeded, my first thought was oh **** and then I thought there must be some oil or diesel on the road but I hadn't noticed any.

Eventually the slide stopped and luckily so did the Caravan, imagine my surprise when on investigation I discovered that it was the road surface which had melted and failed. Just a little bit faster and this could have ended oh so very differently. Needless to say I took things quite gently for the remainder of the journey and this particular road was closed temporarily.

The damaged road surface after applying my brakes a little to harshly.


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