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Lancs & Cornwall 06
Day 7 - Barden Mill, Heading to Cornwall, Sleeping in the Car

Thursday, 21 Sep. 2006 - We planned on heading out to Cornwall later in the evening to avoid the Friday rush of traffic and to ensure we had some time to play on the beach before having to find the cottage so we didn't want to do very much throughout the day. I took Andy's mom, Anne, to the Barden Mill to see what it was like. While it was a large building there wasn't a while lot to be desired.  I did find a reflective vest to wear while biking for �3.50.

Afterwards Andy and I picked up some essential groceries for the trip to Cornwall then picked up Fish and Chips for super one last time! Have I mentioned I really like Fish and Chips? After supper Andy and I packed up the car and set off for Cornwall.  We didn't encounter very much traffic on the way down.  The only place we were slowed up for a bit was near Birmingham where Andy predicted the problem would be.  For once he was right!

We only stopped twice during the trip, once for fuel and the second time to stretch my legs.  After the second rest stop, we continued to follow the sat-nav's instructions when it directed us to "turn left in 200 yards" proceeded by a "turn left now" so I simply followed it's directions and proceeded to climb a very steep hill.  The next command was a "make a sharp left in 200 yards." At this direction Andy and I both sat up a little more alertly since we have experienced "sharp" turns already and none of them were pretty! True to form the sharp turn was a 180� turn into a very narrow, very steep back alley! Now we were both wide awake and quickly decided that it was a very bad idea to continue on that way! We found a place to turn the car around if we were very careful.  It definitely took all my skill to make the turn without damaging the rental car!

Once we turned around and stared backtracking over our route we realized the left turn we were suppose to make was actually meant for a sharp bend in the main road immediately after the intersection were we turned.  I must admit by this point I wasn't thinking very flattering thoughts about the sat-nav system!

We spent the night in the car at a roadside lay-by about 5 miles from our cottage.  With both of us being excited and me being tired we attempted to get some sleep but found out was wasn't nearly as comfortable sleeping in the car as we imagined it would be! Since we didn't exactly plan for the night in the car very well, I quickly realized that it was going to be a long cold night! Note to self, remember to always pack a blanket or two in the car should you plan on sleeping out! The only warmth I had was a single sweater and my two beach towels.  Needless to say I didn't get much sleep that night! At least there were a lot of stars out.  Unfortunately I also found out a bored Andy and a readily available camera beside a sleeping individual is a very bad combination!

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