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Lancs & Cornwall 06
Day 13 -

Wednesday, 27 Sep. 2006 -  Since we didn't have access to the car and were stranded at the cottage we were forced to have a fairly quiet day. Fortunately the weather wasn't the greatest since it was gray and windy with some showers on and off throughout the day. Just because it was a relatively quiet day it doesn't mean that there wasn't any potential for something to happen at the most unexpected points. The enforced domestic situation gave Andy and I time to just talk to each other and enjoy the company.

The one thing we wanted to do was take some photos of Philliegh and it was decided that it would be best if I went for a walk and photographed the sites of interest. If course I didn't really feel like walking down the road since it looked like it was going to rain and I didn't have any comfortable walking shoes with me, only my cold, wet water boots I had been wearing when the car keys were lost. So I put the venture off on numerous occasions.  However there came a point when I decided it would be easier to just go out and get it over with rather then delay any longer and listen to Andy mulling over the emptiness of the driveway and recalling the wonderful carefree hours leading up to the disappearance of the car keys.  So I left Andy to record the events of the previous day in the vacation log book while I headed up the lane to photograph the village in which we stayed.

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