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Lancs & Cornwall 06
Day 12 -

Tuesday, 26 Sep. 2006Andy: Tuesday started off very well!! I had decided to buy the dinghy which we had seen at the post office in Portscatho.  The dinghy and oars turned out to be quite a bit cheaper than we thought but we didn't manage to find any fishing tackle which would have made it more fun. After acquiring the dinghy we sat at the bottom of the ramp and proceeded to inflate it, which was a very time consuming process which left us both completely breathless.
Once we had the dinghy inflated we set off across the bay towards the coastguard observation point taking lots of photos along the way. Michelle got seasick but recovered a little later once we developed a better rhythm at rowing. After taking a quick tour of the bay I returned a stiff, cold and sickly Michelle to the shore. After making an essential detour around the jetty. 

On the way in we found a live starfish in a tiny pool which we photographed for our site. After dropping Michelle off I went back out in the dinghy while Michelle went looking in the rock pools for things to take pictures of I went around the other coast since it was such a calm day with an onshore wind, hoping to find my old "den" but it has eroded away.  Then I noticed the coast guard heading towards me and so fearing I had been reported for being too far out in a small dinghy (as was so often the case when I was younger) I made full steam for shore and only just made it in time!

Once back in calmer water I made my way to where Michelle was on the rocks and asked if she would like to come for another ride.  At this point it had been such a great day that almost nothing could have spoilt it. I say almost because Michelle's next sentence left me completely speechless. "I've lost the car keys!"  This in itself was bad enough, the the alarm and door locking control had also gone!  Luckily our house keys and my wallet were in my coat pocket. Unluckily Michelle had put my coat in the car! As the full implication of Michelle's statement fell into place I imagined we would be sleeping on the beach.

We tried looking for the keys but there was little hope since they were black on black rocks and very dark seaweed. And as if that wasn't bad enough, the tide was coming in! At this point we were car less, had nowhere to stay and we were a long way from home. On a brighter note, Michelle's only shoes were also in the car!

We tried in vein to get a metal detector but in reality it was already to late since the tide had already covered the area where the keys had been lost. So we made several phone calls to arrange some new keys and arranged for them to be sent to the local post office. Then we took a taxi back to the cottage. Michelle then went up to the farm for a spare house key and to explain how she had lost the car keys.  Luckily they had a spare set so at least we had somewhere to sleep.  Having sorted everything out we settled down to a pleasant evening.

Michelle: After everything was sorted out to the best of our abilities and we were safely back at our little cottage I half expected Andy to start questioning me as to why I didn't leave the keys with the rest of our belongings earlier. Much to my complete horrification I saw an evil smile slowly creep over his face. I knew the next words out of his mouth were going to send shivers down my spine.  Sure enough he uttered those fateful words:  "And you thought accidentally deleting our entire website was bad! Wait till I get started on this one."  Unless you know Andy, those words may not seem all that bad, however I KNEW then and there that I will be spending the rest of my life hearing about that one mistake at the absolute worst possible times for me and at the most opportune times for him! 

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