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Lancs & Cornwall 06
Day 11 -

Monday 25 Sep. 2006  - After a couple days playing on the beach we decided to take a break to try something different. We searched through some of the literature we found stacked up in the cottage and decided on a new destination.  We decided to go to Lizard Point, the southern most point in the UK.  Neither Andy or I have been there before so it was the first thing we did together that was completely new to the both of us; a unique memory  that belongs to us both!

We set off before lunch time and went to way of the King Harry Ferry. I really enjoyed going across the ferry, but I think that Andy was getting a little annoyed with me wanting to take enough photographs of the ferry to create a mini-movie of it traveling back and forth across the River Fal but even his grim comments didn't diminish my enjoyment.  As usual once the ferryman had collected our fare I got out of the car and started to wander around.  I was conscience of Andy's previous frowns when reaching for the camera, I decided not to keep the camera on unless I saw something new or interesting to photograph.  This time I was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a large grey seal trailing behind the Ferry.  I tried to turn the camera on quickly, however my camera was very slow to boot up and just as I was taking the photo, the seal had just dove under the water and all I  was able to get was a photo the wake it left behind.  I was hoping that it would surface again soon so I could get a good picture of it but alas we were approaching the landing bay and I had to return to the car so that we wouldn't keep traffic waiting.  This was the first time I had ever seen a grey seal and wish that I had more time to observe the animal since it looked so huge.

Once we disembarked from the ferry we continued on our way to the lizard. I was in high spirits because Andy had mentioned that there was a good chance of seeing more unique animals at the lizard then anywhere else in Cornwall.  I couldn't wait to get there. 

As anyone will know you can't possibly drive around anywhere in the world for an entire two weeks without coming across at least one construction zone and up until this point  we had been fairly lucky and avoided the hassle.  However all good things must come to and end.  A trip that should have taken us about a half hour ended up taking nearly an hour as we had to crawl through construction zones with a 20mph speed limit posted yet not one construction worker in site for about the journey only to have the dramatic conclusion of a 15 minute wait just near the end of the construction zone while a couple dump trucks backed up and blocked traffic coming from both directions.  While it was nice to see some more of the open Cornish county side I think that I would have preferred seeing it at a little higher speeds.  I did notice the the fields and rolling hills reminded me of the rural farm country in Southern Ontario with the exception of the fields being divided by tall hedge rows instead of the page-link fences I'm more familiar with.

As we continued driving, I could tell that we were getting close as the roads were getting narrower and the hedges were getting higher on each side of us.  We drove through a little town that seems to have appeared for the sole purpose of supplying tourists with as many souvenirs as absolutely possible!  After the town was the approach to Lizard itself which was a tiny one car lane with many parking lots along the way that were already jam packed with cars. I tried to park in one of them but we saw right away that we were in jeopardy of becoming trapped should someone decide to even enter the lot behind us.  I slowly turned the car around and just as we were about to drive out of the lot and see if there was a place to park further along someone else decided to pull into the drive right in front of us.  Neither one of us had anywhere to go since there was a long row of traffic close behind the person who pulled into the lot so I had to back up enough for the person to squeeze by me and quickly pull forward again to stop anyone else from entering and everyone becoming well and truly stuck! 

We finally made it out of the lot and continued driving right down to the Most Southerly Cafe lot where we were lucky enough to find a parking spot albeit on a fairly steep angle.  This time I didn't mind that Andy double checked to make sure the parking break was engaged and I made sure that I angled the wheels in such a way that if the car did start to roll backwards that it would head back up the hill again and not off the steep high cliff behind us.   It's amazing how those little rules from drivers training comes back to you in such circumstances!.

Once we were relatively safely parked, it was time to get out and wander around.  One thing to note, if you are afraid of heights then you probably wont like being at the lizard as to me it felt like the land around you was conspiring to lure you to the edges of the cliffs and dump you off.  It's not a place to wander around in the wet grass as one slip will bring you perilously close to the edge.

On the other hand, the view is magnificent and would be absolutely stunning to see the sunrise or sunset while we were there.  The cliffs were very steep and intimidating but also full of character and had a surprising variety of life on them as well.  There were lots of birds of many different varieties around as well.  It would have been great to have a good camera to take some photos of the many different species we saw.  

After wandering around for a while we decided to have our lunch in the cafe since it was a little windy out and the clouds started getting a little darker then we would have liked.  However most of the tables inside the cafe were already taken so we reluctantly decided to have our dinner outside on one of the picnic tables.  I chose one that was fairly close to the edge so we could keep an eye out in the harbour for any animals that may appear in the water and so that we could watch the birds flying around the cliffs below us.  Upon sitting down at our chosen table Andy quickly realised that I had neglected an important criteria in my careful deliberations.  Like everywhere else at the lizard, even the dining area was on a precarious slope so that the person sitting on the downhill side of the table felt constantly threatened of being dumped backwards over the edge of the cliff and the person sitting on the uphill side of the table had the impression that one sudden move from the person on the other side would hurl them over the table and over the edge of the cliff.  Andy, who was sitting on the downhill side of the table, quickly assumed a death grip on the table and looked like he would never be able to let it go.  The grip was so tight that his knuckles turned white and the look of fear on his face sent me into fits of laughter so forceful that it threatened to toss us both over the edge (both physically and mentally). 




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