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Rockpooling photos and clips

 One of the things that we spend most of our time doing is rockpooling and taking photos and film clips of the fish we see, in order to get the best shots and clips we set up a small aquarium where we put the things that we find and then later on we release them back to where we found them


Michelle taking some photos of the marine wildlife that we found for our other website which is solely about fish. Here are a few of the shots and clips we managed to get on this holiday. All the photos below were taken in this tank.
fish goby goby pipefish sand smelts

You can see all our rockpooling photos by visiting our other site - Fish Photography along with many other types of fish from all over the world. Below is a small selection of the videos we took using the same aquarium.

Many more fish videos can be seen at our YouTube channel which specialises in fish, ponds and aquarium type clips by clicking here.

Apart from taking photos and clips from the tank it was nice to be able to see all the interactions which go on mostly unseen by us. All the fish we put in the tank settled down very quickly and all took food usually within a matter of an hour or so. Which took us by surprise because we were expecting a few sulking fish after being caught and placed in a tank but they all turned out to be great. All were released back where we caught them after a few days too.


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