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Narrow Cornish lanes


For me, one of the best things about visiting Cornwall is driving down the narrow lanes and much to Andy's annoyance I comment on how much I love the narrow lanes with beautiful overgrown hedges on a very regular basis. I come from a country where the logging roads are wider than some of the main roads down in Cornwall!  I'm completely fascinated that more people aren't killed going around these extremely blind bends (I used to think we had blind bends here in Canada but I was very wrong!) and the speed at which so many people fly around them. I swear that God has a special place in his heart for Brits! However, Andy couldn't care less about how narrow the lanes are and it took me nearly 4 years to convince him to video even a small stretch of road so that I could show my friends and family back home exactly how tiny these lanes are.  Even with this proof, they still have a hard time imagining real roads being this narrow!

Another benefit of having these overgrown hedges is that they provide a refuge for many different types of wildlife such as pheasants, owls, foxes, rabbits, buzzards, finches, doves, voles, shrews, vipers, lizards, weasels, mice and other types of small animals.


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