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Narehead and Gull rock are local landmarks on the Roseland peninsula. As a child it seemed to be a place of deep mystery where huge fish could be caught and where lots of different species of gulls could be found nesting. My little dinghy wasn't able to make the trip especially with the local coastguard watching over the bay and constantly waving me back if he thought I had strayed to far from the shore. Although I did manage to visit Gull rock in a larger boat later in life this visit to Narehead was my first and fulfilled a little ambition of mine.
When checking the video and photos taken on our visit to Narehead we discovered something odd on one of the photos which we hadn't noticed when taking them.

                What is it.

What is it in the photo? We have discounted it from being some sort of aberration because it definitely appears to be something real in the sea, it didn't appear on any other photos which were taken seconds later or indeed any other photos at all. Our best guess is that it is a small whale, Minke Whales are known to be in the local area although they aren't seen very often from the shore.


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