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Mevagissy is a mix of the old and the new Cornwall, it is still a working fishing village with extremely narrow streets which have never been altered to accommodate modern traffic (thankfully). The village also caters for large numbers of tourists with lots of tearooms, ice cream parlours and nic nak shops. The local gulls have learned where to ambush unsuspecting tourists and it isn't uncommon to see warning signs put up in shops selling take away food. The village also claims to have the smallest public aquarium in the country housed in a tiny round building by the sea, all the fish housed there have been caught locally.

                Narrow streets of Mevagissy
The narrow streets of Mevagissy, be warned, don't try to take your car through here when it is the peak season for holiday makers. You will be there for hours if you do.

                Mevagissy harbour 
Mevagissy harbour, a mixture of working and pleasure boats, if you are feeling adventurous you can book deep sea fishing trips from here - one day perhaps!!!

                                                 Public aquarium

The smallest public aquarium in the country, all the fish have been caught locally including some unexpected exotic ones due to the changing climate. The aquarium might be small but it is still worth a visit.


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