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A day at Timar

As everyone probably knows by now Michelle and I are fish fanatics. Apart from keeping fish one of our passions is to build up a huge database of fish photos (See and we knew about Trimar having seen their ads in Practical Fishkeeping magazine and from their own website. We hoped that we would be able to get permission to take some photos in the shop especially having seen their stock list.

overhead aquariumOur first impression was that Trimar was much smaller than we had imagined but every inch of available space was used to its absolute maximum plus a little bit more, there are even overhead tanks, although I dare say the shop assistants dread anyone buying a fish from these tanks.

The photo on the left shows one of the overhead tanks at Trimar

Photographing the fish in this shop wouldn't be to easy either due to all the close reflections and high up tanks. The high tanks in particular would be a problem because it is much harder to avoid a reflection from the flashgun when looking up to an aquarium than it is when viewing from above.

Trimar is a shop for the real enthusiast with a fantastic range of fish from the trades bread and butter species right up to the truly exotic species.

As luck would have it our good friend Bob who is a local and who frequents Trimar on a regular basis had a chat with Monty the proprietor of Trimar about our visit and struck a deal where we could take some photos and let Monty use a few of them on his own website, this was great news. As I side issue I noticed that there were some small male congo tetras in Trimar and these were very tempting to me because my own group of congo tetras all turned out to be female - all seven of them. But because we were on holiday I couldn't buy them there and then so I arranged to pick them up on our way home.Bob taking photos

Anyway we made the arrangements when we would go to take the photos and Bob decided he would pop along too.
Unfortunately my health made it to difficult to walk or stand for any length of time so I set my camera up for fish photography and sent it for Bob to use ( which he did and to great effect too).  

Altogether a great number of photos were taken and some were magazine quality, unusually almost all the photos taken were usable which means the first thoughts we had about it being problematic in Trimar were completely unfounded. Bob loved my camera after struggling with less able models for a number of years which goes to prove that the equipment in photography is as important as the man (or woman) using it.

The photo on the right shows Bob in action with my camera:
Canon 400D camera with an  EF 60mm F2.8 EF-S Standard Macro USM AF Lens and Canon 580EX II TTL Shoe Mount Speedlite flashgun.

With so much material available Both Bob and Michelle spent several hours at Timar despite the fact that this was our last day in Cornwall. After taking a photo of just about every fish in the shop several times over Michelle, Bob and some of the Trimar staff chose some good, young male congo tetras and packed them as they would when sending fish via courier so that they would have a safe journey home.

I'm happy to report that all four male congo tetras made it home safely even though it was a long 400 mile trip. Knowledgeable staff and good packing can make all the difference. At this point I must say a big thank you to Trimar because they wouldn't take any money for those fish and they were great - Thank you.

Here is a video clip of the Congo tetras showing them as youngsters shortly after getting them home and as they are now - all grown up in to fine young adults.


Here is just a very small selection of the photos taken at Trimar

catfish catfish catfish
Bob's photos
catfish catfish
frogfish Damselfish Wrasse
Michelle's photos
Shrimp Coral


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