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Cornwall 08
Day Eight


After chatting about some of the hikers we saw at the castle the previous day we decided that the hiking poles we saw would be great items to have and found a place in Truro where we could find some

As we set off towards Truro Andy decided to show me some of the paths he took to get from the beach to his grandmothers cottage and we saw some Goldfinches, which we got some video of Goldfinches

Truro for some hiking poles and Thorntons

Went to McDonald's for lunch then to Sainsburys to fuel up the car and get some sunscreen

Came back across the King Harry Ferry then decided to drive around to see if we could find some pheasants to video.  When through Philleigh to see if there were some near the Rugby field we saw a lot at the last time we were in the area but didn't find any only to see some in the field on the other side of the road

Continued driving along the back roads to see what else could pop out of the hedges.

Saw some more pheasants in another field but they were a little too far to video without the camera shaking a lot.

Continued driving around, went back to Pendower beach for a while.

A found direction to farm that sells fresh seafood and continued along the way.  Saw a chaffinch on the road and got a small video clip of that.

Found the road down to Porthcurnuck beach, on the way back to the main road leading to Portscatho came across a big tractor in our path so had to backup a fair way to let it by

Came back home and had a quiet evening.

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