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Cornwall 08
Day Seven


Woke up early and since the day promised to be nice and bright we decided to go to Tintagel Castle

Drove into Tintagel Town, which was a big tourist town, built around the castle

Parked in a spot just beside a nice fudge/ice-cream shop and chippy

Had fish and chips for lunch, very good meal

Andy's teacake container went flying out the window and then proceeded to circle around just outside the car throughout the entire meal

After lunch I walked down to the castle entrance and purchased my ticket and a bottle of water.  Proceeded to walk along a cliff edge to go down to the beach beside the castle and was amazed with the waterfalls.

Crossed the beach to the stairs that lead up to the castle only to find they were closed off so had to go back to the very precarious and slippery path I used to come down

Afterwards I followed the steep winding path that leads up to the main castle entrance. 

Went down a very steep set of stairs that led to the island side of the castle then had to climb another very steep and uneven set of stairs to get back up to the top of the island where the second part of the castle was. The worst part about this set of stairs is that it had an overhanging ledge, which forced you to the outside/cliff side of the path. Thank goodness there was a railing

At the top of the stairs is a wide-open ruin

Walked around the top of the grounds and took lots of photos of the entire area around the castle.  I even found myself getting really close to the edge of these enormous cliffs and as I walked to the other side of the ledges I was on I realised these were simple pieces of rocks sticking out of cliff face!  At this point I had to ask myself  "what in the world were you thinking being out there?"

Lots of photos of wild flowers. 

After wandering around Tintagel Island for a while I found myself back at the staircase leading back to the mainland.  At which point I wasn't too keen on going back up the first set of stairs I needed to climb due to construction going on at the junction between the two staircases, the path down to the beach and the path to the main tourist shop at the bottom of the hill leading to the castle grounds, which also had a land rover service that cost �1.50 per person to bring you back up to Tintagel Town

However since I was at the top of the castle there was a gently sloping path that lead from the mainland part of the castle to about halfway back up the main hill leading into town so I decided to take what seemed to be the easier path rather then going all the way back down to the tourist shop to await the land rover.  I had forgotten how steep the hill leading down to the path really was.

At the top of the hill I stopped off at a bookstore to see if they had any really nice souvenirs and water but they didn't really have anything that called out to me.  I made my way back to the car and Andy who was waiting there and nearly stumbled up the last three steps before getting to the car.  He informed me that the shop right next to the car had some really good ice cream, which seemed like a really good idea to me

After I got back to the car Andy informed me that Bob had called him and invited us over for a visit to which I immediately replied 'Not today' before Andy had a chance to finish telling me the rest of the message.  I guess that wasn't what he was expecting because he immediately went quiet to which I realised that he had already made arrangements with Bob and had programmed Bob's address into the sat-nav as our next destination

Drove to Bob's and took a different route to get back then the way we went.

Got very close to bob's place before I called for the final set of directions to which he said he would meet us there. 

Had a nice visit with bob and marvelled at his tank.

Agreed to go back sometime next week to take photos of his fish.

Went into Truro to pick up a few more groceries that we had run out of

Came back home exhausted after a nice visit


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