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Cornwall 08
Photos Day Five

Woke up

Rainy/grey day

Took it easy in the morning while deciding what to do for the day

Decided to try to take a video clip of the King Harry Ferry but it was just our luck in that the ferry was just arriving so we had to get on right away.

Purchased a book of tickets �20 for  42

Had lunch at McDonalds

Decided to go to Truro to see if we could find an AV cable for the Camcorder at PC world and Argos

Replaced lost thermometer at pet's at home

Tried to get to the tackle shop to get a new reel for Andy's rod but there wasn't anywhere to park

Went to Tesco's to get a few items we missed

Came back to Portscatho because we forgot to bring any Camera's with us

Andy recorded some video clips from the wall near the post office while I did some exploring on the other side of the Jetty since I hadn't seen there before

Came back home to get the camera so we could head over the a tidal estuary

Went around in circles a couple times trying to find a parking spot since there wasn't really anywhere to park properly but we ended up pulling over to the edge of an intersection.  The road we were on was surprisingly busy.

On the way home we went to Pendower Beach

Andy got a really nice video clip of a Stonechat

Came home and had supper,

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