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Cornwall 08
Day Fifteen


Got some good unexpected video clips of some Oyster Catchers and a Curlew on the beach, then Michelle was supposed to take some underwater shots with a disposable camera but it was to cold, she came home supposedly freezing and went to warm up in the shower. Then all went quiet, I called her but there was no answer and I assumed she had sneaked off somewhere with her camera. After an hour or so I went looking for her but there was no sign of her anywhere, I went back in and checked the bedroom and found a suspicious bundle of warm blankets in the middle of the bed with a towel poking out at the top.

One quick poke confirmed my suspicion when a startled voice shouted, yes, I'm coming. What do you want? Oh was I a sleep?

Then we went to St Mawes again and spent the afternoon there and bought a few final gifts. After St Mawes we went around a few back lanes to see if we could get any more video clips but the back roads were quite busy so we came back home expecting the tide to be out but it was still quite well in so we got the dinghy out to do some fishing.

After a couple of problems launching we set under way to the rocks half a mile away just off Porthcurnuck. On the way there we struck lucky and caught a Pollack. The sea was a little rough as we neared the rocks and it didn�t look good for fishing so we headed back to where we caught the first fish. On the way back we were caught in a couple of heavy showers and Michelle looked a picture of pure misery so we decided to head home. We were well and truly soaked when we got back but at least Michelle had got a meal out of the trip.

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