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Cornwall 08
Photos Day Twelve


Just before noon we decided to go to St. Mawes

Had lunch there while watching the St. Mawes to Falmouth Ferry

Found a nice big conch shell that we have been searching for all week

Went to take a photo of the town and got drenched by a sudden downpour but was lucky enough to make it back to the car before the real hail came down

From there we went to Falmouth and drove around town a couple of times trying to find a nice sea view. Eventually was able to park near a local beachfront.

Watched the big for a bit

Decided to go to Feock but got distracted along the way when I spotted a castle on a hill.  We decided to go into the castle simply because I was able to drive over a drawbridge.  Glad that we did as we found a nice gift shop there and I had a walk around the fairly recent castle that was converted into a WWII defence post.  I was amazed that I found the site so awe inspiring as to me it made the war seam more real.

After walking around the castle grounds we continued on to Feock where I made a series of wrong turns leading to dead end streets only to be followed very closely to the ends of the roads so I couldn't turn around comfortably.

We found our way down to a nice beach on the Fal estuary only to find it was a privet beach.

From there we went looking for a small magazine shop to see if we could find a copy of PFK for a project Andy has in mind but wasn't very lucky and only found a small corner shop.  From there we went to Tesco's to pick up a couple essential goods but unfortunately it was around home time and the traffic was horrible so we decided to come home

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