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Eau Claire Gorge

The Eau Claire Gorge is part of the North Bay - Mattawa Conservation Authority in north eastern Ontario.  It's located about 50Km east of North Bay along highway 630.  The gorge was carved out by the Amable du Fond River. The conservation area is open to the public at all times and hiking on the trails leading down to the river and falls is done so at your own risk.  There is a no camping or open campfire policy within the conservation area itself so it should be considered a day trip.

In order to get to the river there is a short hike in a properly groomed tail and then you need to follow the trail for approximately a 10 minute walk in order to get to the water falls.  The water in this river is moving extremely fast and as you are hiking along the trail there is a constant roar from the water flowing over the rapids and down a 12m water fall.  There are signs all along the river bank warning of the dangers of falling into the area. Due to the large water falls and steep banks of the gorge it's not considered safe for navigating.



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