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Family Day
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February 13-16, 2009 was the "Family day" long weekend.  I decided to take advantage of this weekend by going up north to visit my family and just get away from the city.  It was a beautiful weekend, nice and sunny and relatively warm. I stayed at my mom's for the weekend and we went snowshoeing down to the creek.  However I really enjoyed our trip out to my brothers ice shack on Sunday where we were able to spend the day ice fishing on Calendar Bay. 

The previous week was fairly mild, causing a lot of snow to melt, then the temperatures dropped fairly quickly leaving a nice relatively flat layer of ice on top of the lake with very little snow cover.  This resulted in a very slipper surface, as ice tends to be, making the short hike out to the shack a little more challenging than it would normally be.  Fairly close to shore was a fair sized pressure crack along with a few ice heaves I think looks really interesting!  As we proceeded out onto the ice we quickly noticed that we would have to take our time to ensure we didn't fall on the ice! After a while I decided to embrace the ice rather than fight it by sliding along rather than walking.  once I started doing this I was able to make a lot more progress and had a lot of fun in the process. 

Waiting around for fish to bite can get really tedious fairly quickly, so I decided to go for a little hike on my own to see if there was anything to photograph.  Along the way I came across a couple interesting formations in the small patches of snow but overall there wasn't all that much to photograph without hiking for miles.  So I decided to head back towards the shack to socialize with the family a bit.  Of course since the ice was so slippery I had to keep an eye on where I was sliding and much to my surprise I came across what looked like a salamander frozen into the ice!  I guess someone lost a fishing lure along the way.

On the way back I noticed that my brother was having fun embracing the icy surface as well and sliding around like we did when we were kids.  Once I got back to the shack, Dawn and I decided to play a game of our own by kicking ice chunks back and forth for a while.  It was an interesting experience gathering up the nerve to run after a piece of ice and try kicking it before it stopped while you are slipping all over the place! Thank goodness I decided to put the camera down during this little game as I'm not sure it would have made it out of there in one piece.

Near the end of the day we finally got our first bit and my brother brought in a small Pickerel (Americans call them Walleye) but alas it was just too tiny to keep so we let it go again.  We stayed long enough to watch a nice sun set over the lake. 



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