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Family History Documents

Frederic Papineau

Martial Papineau, Eva (Lacasse) Papineau, Jacqueline (Papineau) Paulin
Letter of recommendation from "Grampa" Schjott
Notice of Jacqueline's promotion
Telegraph announcing Eva was dying
Telegraph announcing Eva died
Marriage Certificate
Wedding Notice
Louise's Hospital Bill
Lynn's Baptism Certificate
Letter of congratulations for Lynn's Birth
Notice of school bus accident involving Lynn
Jacqueline's Baptism Certificate
obtained for travel
50 Year Anniversary notice
Jacqueline learned to read English at age of 64
Jacqueline participated in first Scrabble Contest at age 79
Edward Jr. (Dudd's) Paulin death notice

Handkerchief with inscription

Notice of Henry Desjardins death. 
(Papare's mother's brother)

Copy of Joseph Maurice Marcel Paulin's Birth Certificate

Jacqueline bowling tournament


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