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Growing Up
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Shortly before I was born!

My first winter (8 months old)

Heili, Me and Heidi
(I'm 2.5years old)

Age 1 year
Townhouse in North Bay

Shane, Chris, Andrew and I (Age 3) in Ottawa

Heili and I (Age 3)

Me (Age 3) and Dad 

The green dress I hated, Age 2

At Grandma's place on Fisher Street (Age 2)

Heidi, Shane, Heili and I
(Age 4) In Rhouyn

Me at the farm (age 6)

First Christmas on the Farm
(Age 6)

First Christmas on the Farm
(Age 6)

Age 5

Me and Dad at Mamere's
(Age 4)

Mamere, Heather and I on the farm (Age 8)

Age 10

Papere, Shane and I at the farm
(Age 7)

Chris, Andrew, Me (age 7) and Shane at Gran's Cottage on Pine Lake

Heili, Heidi and I (Age 11) at Papere's Retirement

Christmas (Age 12)

Grandma and I on Christmas day, (Age 12)

Age 16

Me sitting at Mamere's
(Age 22)

Heili, Mom, Me (Age 22) and Carly


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